Bar & Bat Mitzvah Performances

Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJ is something we relish because it brings out the pure and also the dynamic in us. As a Mitzvah music band, we are part of everything, right from the recitations from Torah to the seudat Mitzvah. We try and capture the nuances of each ritual, the symbolic significance of each of them and translate it into music that becomes a part of our souls. It purifies us and the surroundings, ultimately adding to the resounding sanctity of the synagogue

Mitzvah is the coming-of-age ceremony that has spiritual connotations. And there is no better tool than music for achieving this transformation. We strike beats that connect young hearts to both tradition and to the happiness of growing. Be it Bat Mitzvah DJ or Bar Mitzvah Music, we construct tunes that are fusion of the beautiful tradition we inherit and the western elements that bring about an additional joyous vibe.

We also understand that this is an immensely emotional moment for parents and relatives. Mixed with their joy, is the pride of seeing their sons and daughters growing up. As they deliver their recitations and readings, we see eyes welled-up and lips smiling. Though formally their children are on their own now, they are still a piece of their hearts. The traditional Jewish music strain in our music identifies with this emotion. It brings out all the shades of this joy, gives it a lyrical, musical form.

Fitting in the grandeur of this ceremony is our specialty. From scales of epic to melodious to subtle, we adapt to the varying moods of the ceremony. The band plays everything from traditional and ethnic to pop, jazz, rock and classical. We understand the tempo of the ceremony and give your feelings appropriate form.