Jewish Music

We are one of the few Jewish Music Bands that have carved their identities out of traditional belonging and accommodation of various other genres. Eventually, we become a Jewish Rock Band that customises traditional music to suit contemporary taste and flavours. We carry on the movement of some famous Jewish singers and Jewish musicians that yearned to fly high in unexplored territories and yet remain true to their roots. Our music is as much a prayer as it is a foot-tapping number.

The history of Jewish music plays a huge part in our understanding and construction of music. We borrow from the innumerable Piyyutim, Pizmonim, Zemirot, Baqashot and Nigumim that have been passed on from generation to generation through centuries. Their spiritual character instigates our soul, their ethos of surrendering gives us power. From references in the Mishnah and the Talmod to the antiphonal arrangement in the Synagogue, we derive inspiration from every bit of the music’s evolution. The cymbals, horns, pipe organs and trumpets excite us as elements and also as to the wholesome effect they produce.

This traditional melody meets our passion for contemporary rock. The electric, conversational and quirky nature of rock infuses our tunes with vibrant energy. A rich lineage of Jewish Jazz Musicians and Jewish Rock Musicians has experimented successfully with this genre. They have formed a new way of conveying this art to the youth and to innumerable other connoisseurs. We take a step in this direction of evolving the genre and adding more and more value to it.

Be it parties, religious festivals or weddings, Mitzvah and Havdalah, Jewish music is an indispensable part of the celebrations. We adapt to all these occasions with customised and carefully constructed tunes. The artist in us loves this challenge and melts into every atmosphere to become one with it.