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Kabbalat Shabbat with The Shuk

Educational & Experiential Workshops

Learn below of our educational workshops suitable for your community and event

Israel & Jewish Educational Programming

A Journey Through Jewish Roots | In relevance to Modern Society

(60-90 Minutes)
Workshop speaks of all the 'aliyot' of Israel's history and the music that came alongside them.  This workshop is done together with the audience, singing and dancing with the group, creating an intimate and animated authentic Jewish and Israeli experience; building a living time machine where we experience the deep emotions and feelings that penetrate the heart of every Jew - whether in Israel or in the diaspora.


One of our more popular workshops that have been presented worldwide in schools and community centers.


'The Last 70 Years' | A Complete Israeli Musical Journey

(60-90 Minutes)
This workshop provides a journey through each decade of the last 70 years since the establishment of Israel; offering a living taste of some of the top all-time hits of Israel which shaped its culture, people, cuisine, and society.  The session is interactive, involving the audience at all time and is led by the experience educational team of The Shuk.


What is Israeli Music?

(60 Minutes)
During this workshop, different genres are performed live and the audience is asked what characterizes and makes each song an 'Israeli' song.  Here, each audience member, engages in self-discovery and finding his or her own place within their personal lineage amongst the Jewish people and world Jewry and recognized the extent of the melting pot that is Israeli music.  This workshop exhibits music of Eastern, Mizrachi, Eastern European, South and North American Jewry.


Israel's Got Talent | International Showcase

(Multi-Day Project.  Generally 1-2 Day of Pre-Production)
We receive in advance the members of the community or school who would like to showcase their musical and singing skills.  This workshop involves a pre-event meeting and personal rehearsals with each local talent and in a short time, we create a community-wide event that same week, giving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be accompanied by professional Israeli musicians. 


Customized Workshops

(Duration Upon Request)
Workshops designed together with The Shuk and the community’s or school’s educational and programming team in order to bring out the best and meet the precise educational goal of the specific season or calendar year’s agenda or theme.


Master Class with The Shuk

(60 Minutes)

Private and group classes with The Shuk's musicians providing local musicians of all ages the opportunity to study and learn Middle Eastern approaches, techniques, and elements in music.  Available classes in percussion on the Middle Eastern oud, darbuka (doumbek), bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, and keyboard.


** Community-wide live concerts, Kabbalat Shabbat, and Havdalah services are available during each visit.

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