Middle Eastern Music

Music of the Middle-East captures a wide variety of cultural and spiritual traditions. As a Middle-Eastern music band, we bring these identities together while preserving the individual flavour of each region. The synthesis of so many cultures, their histories and the beauty with which various music instruments have evolved on this backdrop, gives a new dimension to the meaning of fusion.

The essence of Middle-Eastern music is in Tajwid, a soulful call to the supreme power. We interpret as the ultimate invoking of one’s soul. Where the inward spirit is awakened to consciousness and it simultaneously surrenders to an all-encompassing harmony with the universe.

In the cultural context, Middle-Eastern music is an omnipotent force. Spanning from Morocco to Turkey to Iran to Egypt, Spain and to Israel, it accommodates the diversity of the region and imbibes the common cultural pulse of the people. From the Arabic Maqammat to the Persian Dastagah and finally the climactic Tarabba, we touch the various aspects of this vast spectrum and create a unique sound through innovation.

The idea reflects in our understanding of instruments from the Middle-Eastern culture. Be it strings like Oud, Qanoun, Saz and Harp; percussions like Riq, Doumbek and Cymbals or wind instruments like Rhaita, Sorna and Mey, we have pursued to absorb their peculiar sounds. In creation of tunes, our approach is to inculcate their abstract instead of just imitating. This helps us cross over easily from the Arabic Quarter Tones to the North African Monophonic Texture.

The beauty of Middle-Eastern music is it comfortably fits into every occasion. Its rich diversity allows it to be alternately rhythmic, soothing, soulful and passionate. Thus it creates a sound for every ambience and adds vigour to it.