Wedding Performances

As pure and blissful as the Chuppah, creating Hora – the Jewish wedding ceremony music, is a tranquil experience for us. As a Jewish band for weddings, the joy around, the hope-filled hearts of the groom and the bride and the sanctity of the complete ceremony, inspire the best in us. We rejoice in your celebrations, feel blessed in the union of souls and contribute to it with our admiration and piety.

We love to strike a personal bond with you. We love it, that the spiritual vibe in traditional functions can bind us together as one. And we believe that music is the instrument that strikes this magic. It melts the atmosphere and creates a serene background, wherein everyone present joins the flow and become components of one big harmony.

Being a Jewish wedding band, we create music exclusively for Jewish weddings. We understand and give importance to every little ritual and imbibe its abstract, its message into our music. In our notes, we bring in tradition that evokes the glorious past. They touch the corners of pride, reverence, belonging and nostalgia with familiar tunes. We also infuse beats of classical, swing and jazz to mark the happiness of a new beginning.

This not only makes us stand out, it makes us a part of your celebrations. We are involved in the ceremony right from the planning stage. We offer tunes from our huge repertoire, suggest additions and alterations as per your taste and reconstruct our music to suit the occasion. The whole performance can evolve into one theme through selected music from one genre with coherent fusion elements.

We also shift gears swiftly to bring out the most of every part of ceremony. The music is solemn during the religious customs, joyous during the dinner party and rhythmic as the celebrations unfold. Gradually, the music becomes the glue that binds the ceremony.