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The Shuk | The Ultimate Jewish Experience

Since 2008

The Shuk is an internationally-acclaimed collective music project offering a tangible, live, and joyous Jewish Experience to all events worldwide.

Regularly performing at festivals, theaters, Jewish weddings, synagogues, conferences, schools, and private events, The Shuk has and continues to provide the best live music along with workshops and educational programming at events in over 30 countries across the world.

With a core belief in the values of community, dialogue, continuity, identity, inclusiveness, and pluralism The Shuk features an eclectic and accomplished cast of some of the top Israeli musicians, artists, and educators based both in Israel and in New York City.


The Shuk performs an eclectic array of Jewish Fusion World Music, Israeli Music, Middle-Eastern Music, Traditional Music, Jazz, Progressive Ethnic Music  Across The World Year-Round.



Philosophy & History

Music plays a multi-faceted role in Jewish life, deeply bonding many aspects of Jewish life.  This sacred and spirited connection needs to be fostered and nurtured into the 21st century.

The Shuk, a collective of dedicated musicians, performers, and educators, strives to facilitate this growth in Jewish communities around the world.  Through interactive and experiential learning, The Shuk uses music as a focal point for strengthening Jewish identity.  In small and large workshop settings, The Shuk teaches history, composition, song leading, accompaniment, poetry, appreciation, and much more.  This collective experience culminates in a community concert led by The Shuk and workshops or event participants.  In turn, the concert brings the performers and community together, celebrating the preservation, perpetuation, and innovation of Jewish identity in the 21st century.

The Shuk was founded in the summer of 2008 during the project incubator at Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden




Why 'The Shuk'?


More than just a strum of the guitar. More than the rhythm of the drums or a note plucked on the violin.  Music is about harmony. It is about the warmth you generate, the connection you established between people, and the community you create.

This has been the very idea that has driven The Shuk (meaning ‘Market’ or 'Marketplace' in Hebrew); A band and collective music project that has its roots in traditional Jewish Music and has expanded to World Music; blending in elements of Jazz, Rock, Ethnic and Progressive Music.  Our forte has been to present Roots Music with a revolutionary and modern twist. This embodies our very idea of art – one that creates a dialogue between cultures and is an exchange that stimulates compassion.


This element of musical and cross-cultural fusion has been the core principle since our foundation in 2008.  We understand that beyond the words, music connects souls.  Its an inherent element in human contact for thousands of years.


Music crosses borders of language, region, political beliefs, and brings us together. It allows one person to take up a note and lets another complete it with his or her own. We speak your language through the music of your land and introduce you to ours with infusions of our own.


From cultural and world music festivals to theaters across the world, to community centers, synagogues, Jewish weddings, tour groups, and private events, we blend in every ambiance and bring it to life, note by note.


Having performed over 30 countries across the globe, we've struck a chord with audiences worldwide. The artists who make up The Shuk, bring their unique talents and personas to create an infectious synergy and energy to each event. The international press often describes The Shuk as “high-energy”, “cross-genre”, and “Jewish Fusion.”

We continuously strive to achieve and grow as we seek to understand the rhythm of people across the world, by touching lives and seeking to create real human connections.


We're grateful to have and to continue to partner with such organizations, events, festivals, and communities such as...

Taglit-Birthright Israel


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The Jewish Agency for Israel

Chabad Lubavitch

Union For Reform Judaism | URJ

European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS)

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Jewish National Fund

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Union Synagogue of Conservative Judaism  USCJ

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