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Israel Based Musicians

Welcome to The Shuk Music Group, your gateway to the extraordinary world of top-end Israeli musicians and the premier Jewish and Israeli band in Israel. Our talented ensemble of artists is set to take you on a musical journey like no other, and we're thrilled to have you here to explore our incredible performances and our amazing musicians below.

The Shuk's musicians are a diverse and passionate group, weaving the rich tapestry of Israeli and world Jewish music into the vibrant cultural fabric of Israel and across the world. Whether it's a thrilling concert, a heartwarming wedding, a captivating theater show, or a community event, our musicians bring their unmatched talent and energy to every stage.

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Yoni Avital

Vocals, Flute, Guitar

Meet the visionary behind The Shuk, Yoni Avital – a true maestro of cross-cultural musical experiences. As the founder and frontman of the band, Yoni has been at the heart of The Shuk's journey, leading them to captivate audiences at prestigious theaters, festivals, private events, communities, concerts, and even weddings worldwide.

Born in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York, Yoni's childhood was steeped in the rich tapestry of both Israeli and American cultures. Currently calling Haarlem, The Netherlands, home, Yoni seamlessly manages The Shuk on an international scale while continuing to enthrall audiences with his multifaceted talents.


Yoni is not merely a frontman; he is a musical virtuoso, showcasing his prowess as a cantor, vocalist, singer, flutist, and guitarist. His versatility as a multi-instrumentalist has been a cornerstone of The Shuk's distinctive sound. Over the years, Yoni has graced the stage with luminaries such as Matisyahu and David Broza, underscoring his standing in the global music scene.

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Gal Motiuk

Bass Guitar

Bassist, trombonist, composer, and educator.  Graduated from the inaugural program of the Rimon School of Music for Outstanding Jazz Performers, which he entered immediately after serving as a baritone trombone player in the IDF orchestra.


Over the years he has collaborated as a musician with the following artists: Benny Friedman, Yehoram Gaon, Full Trunk, Kobi Oshrat, Subliminal, and Erez Netz, among others. Gal is a member of Lady Silver, an international rock band, and the Music Director of The Shuk with whom he's performed in over 20 countries around the world. He's also a founding member of the band The Experiment together with Netta Barzilai and Eden Bacher.

Gal specializes in establishing educational businesses with teenagers, introducing hundreds of teenagers to the world and world in the field of sound and music, and has extensive teaching experience in music majors in the center of Israel and in the north of the country.

A veteran teacher and lecturer in Rimon School of Music's external projects including The Sixth Jam and Youth Workshops. Lecturer for the core subjects and director of ensembles at the Rimon School of Music campus in the city of Akko in the Western Galilee of northern Israel where he's also the Vice CEO. He's worked closely with troubled youth who were expelled from educational institutions, integrating them back into the educational system and working environment via diverse educational music projects.  He's focused on working with music majors in high schools, conservatories, and more.

The Shuk Band - Best World Jewish Israeli Music Group - Yoni Avital_edited.jpg
Eliran Motiuk - The Shuk World Music Group

Eliran Motiuk


As the spiritual leader of The Shuk, Eliran commands the keyboards and the piano. A true prodigy in his own right, his affair with music began at the age of 7. He first studied the trumpet from Ariyeh Kfir (z’l) at the House of Nahariya where he later became an instructor for woodwinds and piano.

Studied composition and jazz at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem. His professional stints with Hillary Sargeant, Amit Sagi, and the group Tree of Life (with Gal Motiuk and Eden Bahar), strongly underline his cross-genre diversity and talents.'

For The Shuk, Eliran has been a valuable player since he joined in 2011. He brings in native flavors from Israel and blends them seamlessly into western genres.

Guy Strier

Electric Guitar, Middle Eastern Saz and Oud

Guy Strier, born in Arad in southern Israel, is known to German audiences as the guitarist in Ester Rada's band and as a duo partner of Omri Vitis and performed regularly with Hadag Nachash.


The talented musician, who is well-anchored in Tel Aviv's music scene, is not afraid to leave his comfort zones and engage with energy in diverse musical experiences.

His album It's Getting Darker convinces with a versatile musicality and a close sensibility. It is the mature achievement of a young musician who has much to tell us.

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Nir Hakim


Hailing from Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel, a city steeped in musical heritage, Nir's earliest memories are of sitting behind a drumset.


With a lifetime of musical dedication and passion, his percussive prowess has earned him a well-respected reputation in the vibrant Tel Aviv music scene.


Having traversed the stages of Europe extensively, his beats have enraptured audiences far and wide. As a music teacher and band coach, his dedication lies in helping students find harmony through music and pursue their dreams.


With a heart full of passion for the art of drumming, playing with The Shuk humbly reminds him of the profound power of music, as it unites communities and fosters a sense of belonging that knows no limits.

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