More than just a strum of the guitar, than the rhythm of the drums or a note of the violin, Music is about harmony! It is about the ideas you imbibe. The warmth you generate. The connection establish and the community you create.

It has been this very idea that has driven The Shuk (meaning ‘Market’ in Hebrew); A band that has its roots in traditional Jewish Music and that has expanded to World Music, blending in elements of Jazz, Rock, Ethnic and Progressive Music. Our forte has been to present Roots Music with a Twist. This embodies our very idea of art – a dialogue between cultures, an exchange that stimulates compassion. There is one tool that connects all these dots – Israeli Music and Middle-Eastern Music to Western Classic and Country Folk – that tool is Fusion!

Fusion has been our foundation. Cultural exchange has be our purpose. We understand that beyond the words, music connects souls. It helps them converse, understand each other and strike a poignant bond.

Music crosses the borders of language, region, beliefs and brings us together in the abstract space of our core sensitivities. It allows one person to take up a note and lets another complete it with his or her own. That’s how music is created! We speak your language through the music of your land, and introduce you to ours with with infusions of our own.

From Cultural Festivals, Music Festivals, and Theaters to Family Functions and Parties, we blend in every ambiance and bring it to life, note by note.

Having already performed over 30 countries across the globe, we have struck a chord with audiences worldwide. The artists who make up The Shuk, bring in their unique talents and personas to create a synergy that is affecting, and energy that’s infectious. Media coverage often describes us as “high-energy”, “cross-genre” or “Jewish Fusion.” But our quest continues to achieve more than that as we continuously seek to understand your rhythm, to touch your lives and to be a bridge in connecting this world.

Let’s jam!