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Amit Peled - The Shuk Band - Best World Jewish Israeli Music Group

Amit Peled

Music Director | North America

Amit Peled has been recording, performing, producing, and touring worldwide for well over a decade. With a degree in Jazz performance, he can stage dive with more grace than a dolphin.


He’s been fortunate enough to play in almost every musical scenario imaginable. From Jazz gigs to Oriental music along with the Oud. From sludge-stoner rock to Hardcore Klezmer as well as a lot of hip-hop, electronic, Avant-garde, and Jewish music.


Loves making music; Either on the road, being stuck in a van for weeks, or locked in the studio doing sessions until the sun shines.


Sees his biggest strength as a musician in that he always tries to make the present project sound the best.


A dynamic musician also performing on bass and keyboards and is also a producer, regularly arranging, transcribing, and songwriting.

Yoni Avital

Founder | Manager | Leader

Founder and leader of The Shuk, Yoni is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has shared the stage with the likes of Matisyahu and David Broza aside from having performed with The Shuk in over 30 countries worldwide.

Amongst other festivals and stages, he's performed at the World Music Festival, Chicago (USA), the PORTA World Music Festival (Latvia), and the Western Country Playhouse (USA) and in festivals, theaters, and events across the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, India, etc.

Hailing from Sephardic and Ashkenazic roots, he comes from a myriad of cultures from Eastern Europe, Brazil, Argentina, and Northern Africa and personifies the band’s cross-cultural image and lends multiple dimensions to our music.

His inherent belief in bringing people together, especially in this evergrowing polarized world, via the medium of performing arts and music in celebration of life, culture, and diversity is the driving force in his work with The Shuk across the world.

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Yoni Avital - The Shuk Band - Best World Jewish Israeli Music Group

Gal Motiuk

Music Director | Israel

Bassist, trombonist, composer, and educator.  Graduated from the inaugural program of the Rimon School of Music for Outstanding Jazz Performers, which he entered immediately after serving as a baritone trombone player in the IDF orchestra.


Over the years he has collaborated as a musician with the following artists: Benny Friedman, Yehoram Gaon, Full Trunk, Kobi Oshrat, Subliminal, and Erez Netz, among others. Gal is a member of Lady Silver, an international rock band, and the Music Director of The Shuk with whom he's performed in over 20 countries around the world. He's also a founding member of the band The Experiment together with Netta Barzilai and Eden Bacher.

Gal specializes in establishing educational businesses with teenagers, introducing hundreds of teenagers to the world and world in the field of sound and music, and has extensive teaching experience in music majors in the center of Israel and in the north of the country.

A veteran teacher and lecturer in Rimon School of Music's external projects including The Sixth Jam and Youth Workshops. Lecturer for the core subjects and director of ensembles at the Rimon School of Music campus in the city of Akko in the Western Galilee of northern Israel where he's also the Vice CEO. He's worked closely with troubled youth who were expelled from educational institutions, integrating them back into the educational system and working environment via diverse educational music projects.  He's focused on working with music majors in high schools, conservatories, and more.

The Shuk Band - Best World Jewish Israeli Music Group - Gal Motiuk
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